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The Ultrasound Appeal

Our current ultrasound machine for small animal examinations is over 12 years old and has unfortunately reached the point where some of the parts are no longer available to service it.

The ultrasound is the main workhorse of the diagnostic imaging department having benefitted a vast number of dogs and cats - with over 12,000 examinations having been undertaken over the last decade.

Technological advancements now mean that image quality and processing have greatly improved with a new model being able to view radiographs, MRI or CT images at the same time as the ultrasound examination is being performed, allowing our veterinary team to gain optimal diagnostic information from a case.

The machine also has ability to produce 3D and 4D constructs, which again help improve the team's diagnostic capability.

Please help us to continue to provide first class diagnostic services to many more dogs and cats in the future.

Thank you for your support,

Professor Mike Herrtage (Dean)


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2019 was an extremely busy year for Camvet with the completion of the Ultrasound appeal and many more valuable items ticked off the Hospital's wish list - all thanks to your support and generosity. This year we will be partnering the University of Cambridge and the Queen's Veterinary School Hospital to jointly fund a £1.6m project to provide a new multi-species MRI machine. If you would like to make a donation towards Camvet's fundraising pledge of £300,000 please visit our Justgiving page

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