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University of Cambridge Veterinary School Trust

We wanted to let you know that we've updated our data protection rules to comply with a new data protection law coming into effect in May that is designed to give you control over your data. If you'd like to understand more about what sort of information we may hold, how we use it and what you can do with it, then we have explained a little bit more in the information below.

Data protection statement

This statement explains how the University of Cambridge Veterinary School Trust - also known as Camvet  (“we” and “our”) handles and uses the personal data we collect about our members and our past, current and future supporters (“you” and “your”).

Developing a better understanding of our members and supporters allows us to keep in touch with you, in order to keep you apprised of our activities and developments, to provide services to you, and to identify ways in which you can support us, through donations or other forms of financial and non-financial support. 

We are committed to protecting your personal information and being transparent about what information we hold.

Personal data that we hold

We may hold information relating to you from a number of sources. A significant proportion of the information we hold is that which you provide to us (for example, you may give us information by filling in forms on our website, or by corresponding with us by telephone, email or otherwise).

Most records contain:

  • (if you are a Cambridge veterinary medicine graduate) details of your education (e.g. your College(s), the courses you have completed, dates of study)
  • (if you are a Cambridge veterinary medicine graduate) unique personal identifiers and biographical information (e.g. student number)
  • your contact details (and we update these whenever you let us know that they have changed)
  • details of your interactions with us, including:
  1. your membership
  2. your attendance at our events
  3. other contact with us or our partners (as listed below)
  4. details of benefits and services provided to you
  5. your relationships with other members or supporters
  6. details about your family (e.g. your marital status, the name of your partner or spouse)
  7. personal data provided by you for a specific purposes (e.g. disability and dietary preferences for event management purposes)
  8. your communication preferences, to help us provide tailored and relevant communications

We also record, where applicable, based on information which you provide to us and, in some cases, publicly available information and information from our partners (as listed below):

  • financial information relating to you and your family, including your history of donations made to us
  • your ability and willingness to make donations, including whether particular donations or funding appeals may be of interest to you
  • your philanthropy and other giving, including donations to other organisations and other support that you provide (e.g. details of volunteering roles)
  • your career highlights and other life achievements
  • information about your areas of interest and extra-curricular activities

We augment the data we hold from the University and the Colleges with data from our partners (as listed below) and publicly available data.

We use targeted internet searches and may search the following websites (either directly or using search engines), where relevant in order to obtain and maintain the accuracy of the data listed above:

Public sources for individuals:

  • The RCVS Directory
  • Property websites
  • The Queen’s Honours Lists
  • National change of address services
  • LinkedIn, to check business details
  • Press sources, for negative press for due diligence purposes

How we use your data

Your data is used by us for a number of interdependent purposes in support of alumni relations, supporter communications and fundraising. These include:

  • sending you publications (e.g. magazines and updates about our activities)
  • invitations to relevant events



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Data Protection

Please be assured that we will never share your contact details with any other party. Click here for our full data protection policy.

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